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After-Sales Support It is an important part of our business as the OXY World PSA family, in the light of the motto "continuous excellence", to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction not only up to the purchase process but also after sales. We know the importance of all the equipment in our product range for human life. In every production, we fully implement all our procedures that we have developed with the awareness of this importance. We deliver our products after meticulously performing all necessary tests.

Nevertheless, in case of any problems, malfunctions and disruptions that may occur during the use of the product; you can reach our support team through any communication channel and provide an effective solution without wasting time with our after-sales support unit. Our aim is to prevent our local and global customers from experiencing any chronic problems while using OXY World PSA products by actively using all communication channels and to establish an unshakable trust between the parties due to the importance of human life.