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Project Design

It is the project design and presentation of the selected system to the counterparty, considering factors such as the quantity of the need, field characteristics, patient capacity and business growth momentum.

Production and Assembly

It covers the process of producing the designed system by observing all safety, health and technical procedures, performing all necessary tests and realizing the assembly works of all products that make up the system.


Technical Service personnel check the suitability of the environment and working conditions of the products by providing the necessary controls; all necessary safety procedures are applied and all adjustments are made

Maintenance & Repair

Within the scope of the Periodic Service Agreement, periodic maintenance of the products is performed on the specified dates.


Technical training is provided to end users for the smooth operation of all products in the field supplied by OXY World PSA.

Spare Parts

It is not easy to predict when spare parts will be needed. For this reason, Medisam Medikal keeps all frequently used spare parts ready in its own warehouse and quickly helps customers in case of sudden spare parts demand.