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Environmental and Occupational Safety Management Systems Policy

By determining the Environmental and Occupational Safety dimensions and effects that arise while performing the activities of our company, whose main production subject is Medical Gas Production Systems:

  • Our main goal and purpose is;
  • To eliminate or minimize the damages of these effects on the environment and human beings,
  • To take measures that will prevent pollution by minimizing the pollution caused by the wastes generated,
  • To comply with the provisions of the legislation, administrative regulations and standards related to the Environment and Occupational Safety in force,
  • To carefully monitor hazards related to occupational health and safety and to make the necessary efforts to minimize them,
  • To carry out studies to improve the awareness of Environmental and Occupational Safety of the relevant parties,
  • To work in line with the relevant targets while continuously improving the existing Environmental and Occupational Safety System,
  • To respect the environment, to ensure continuous development and to leave a good environment for future generations.