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With OXY World PSA Nitrogen Generation Systems, you can produce your own nitrogen instead of outsourcing your nitrogen gas needs, and you can also fill your nitrogen cylinders on your own site with the optional booster.

Nitrogen is a colorless element that has no odor and is usually found in gaseous form. It makes up about 78% of the atmosphere in the world. In medical use, nitrogen gas has versatile uses, from keeping blood cells alive to its anesthetic effect known as narcosis, and is vital for hospitals.

Instead of constantly outsourcing this vital medical nitrogen gas, you can produce it in-house with OXY World PSA nitrogen generators that can be designed and shaped according to your needs, reducing your costs as well as providing access to high quality nitrogen gas at any time.

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  • PLC (Beckhoff) -
  • Nitrogen generators provide ease of use and control with specially designed Beckhoff PLC. Thanks to the remote access module, it can be intervened in case of any problem
  • Provides qualified and accurate measurement. Long service life.

  • It is an ATEX certified high quality product that creates both a stop mechanism and a control mechanism in a single device for all purposes
Provides the most accurate information to the user by measuring the air pressure in the tanks

Provides the user with the necessary visual and audible alarms according to the state of oxygen purity in the oxygen tank.

Used to adjust air flow and pressure.

It decomposes the air coming from the nitrogen generator into its elements to obtain high purity nitrogen.

In order to provide more precise and accurate results of the oxygen sensor, the air flow rate to the oxygen sensor is kept at a certain level. With the flowmeter we use, we can see the oxygen purity on the PLC screen at the most accurate value closest to the real value.

  • Nitrogen Generators reduce costs and protect against production interruptions.
  • The amortization period is very short.
  • On-site nitrogen generation protects you from supply disruptions and all production interruptions caused by them.
  • With 24/7 service support, any problem is solved immediately.
  • Nitrogen Generators produce the required amount of nitrogen with a purity of up to 99.9999% (6.0)
  • Since it is produced ready-to-use, it is quickly commissioned with plug-and-play principle.
  • Nitrogen Generation Systems can help you significantly to reduce your costs
  • The remote access module allows instant data to be obtained from the devices and to intervene.

Sample Setting Scheme

  • 1.Compressor : It is the component that collects the air needed by the Oxygen Generation System.
  • 2.Oil Retainer (Optional) : It prevents the oil in the system from leaking into the Oxygen Generator.
  • 3.Air Tank : Air from the compressor is stored here.

  • 4.Dryer : It is used to separate the water vapor in the air coming from the Air Tank.
  • 5.Active Carbon Tower (Optional): Used for odor and oil vapor filtration.
  • 6.Nitrogen Generator : Converts dry and pure air into pure oxygen by filtering it through Zeolites.
  • 7. Nitrogen Tank : It is the pressurized part in which the gas produced in the Oxygen Generator is stored.
  • 8.Filter Group : It is the component used to filter particles and oil vapor in the air. It is effective in dust and oil retention.
  • 9.Booster : It ensures that the high purity oxygen produced is filled into the cylinders.