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The only requirement of platform type oxygen generation systems, which can offer the most suitable service and convenience in line with the needs, is an electrical connection. All connections between all equipment on the platform, electrical wiring, main energy distribution and control panel and all accessories are assembled and tested in the most accurate way.

Since all mechanical and electrical assemblies are performed in the Medisam factory and delivered after leakage and purity tests, there is no extra labor and installation cost. Due to its ready-to-use structure, it can be quickly delivered to the intervention area in situations requiring emergency installation like disasters and similar emergencies and can be put into service immediately

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Since it is portable, it is in service for field hospitals in essential situations such as Disasters and Emergencies
It has plug and play feature.

It is delivered after performing all leakage and purity tests.
Due to its customizable and compact design, it occupies little space.

It can be transported by forklift, pallet truck or crane in case of relocation

It does not require any labor.