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Container type nitrogen generation systems, which can offer the most suitable service and convenience in line with the needs, are one of the most preferred nitrogen generation system methods due to their portable and plug-and-play features.

Since all mechanical and electrical assemblies are made in the Medisam factory and delivered after leakage and purity tests, there is no extra labor and installation cost. 

Due to its ready-to-use structure, it can be quickly delivered to the intervention area in emergencies such as disasters and similar situations that require urgent installation and can be put into service immediately. It is equipped with technical components that allow trouble-free use in all climatic conditions and in all kinds of terrains.

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Since it is portable, it is in service for field hospitals in
essential situations such as Disasters and Emergencies

With its compact structure, it requires little space and
can be transported when needed.

Due to the air conditioners and heaters equipped inside
the container, it is operated in accordance
with all climatic conditions.

It is appropriate for land, sea and air transportation.
It does not require labor as all electrical and mechanical assembly is performed in advance.

In the Medisam factory, the production system is tested and any problem is intervened immediately.

Containers can be customized with special sizes and designs according to your needs.ss